Protiena Emphasis In Your Next Dieta Please

In the years that flashed by so quickly, there have been many dietary revolutions and fads. One of them has been the complete and strict exclusion of all forms of fat. To achieve this objective, the innovators of such diets purposely moved towards the exclusion of all forms of carbohydrates and protein. The concern about this dieta was always about the traditional high fat content of red meat sources. Red meat has for many years been one of the most popular and regularly used sources of protein.


Today, it is the turn of the low carb dieta. It has been given unqualified negative attention of late. The concern that was raised that while the dieting does work in helping users lose excess fatty tissue weight the body is damaged and in disrepair. This is not the case when dieters focus on the recommended dieting ingredients. These are all natural food sources, organic as the trendy saying goes today, and can be relied upon to suppress hunger naturally and healthily as well as strengthen all the body’s tissues, organisms and metabolic systems.

The concern was also that there would be a depletion of reserves required for strengthening and maintaining the health of the body’s muscles and bones. If it is specifically required in cases, dieters can still utilize protein to lose weight effectively and without any fears of consuming too much fat. The low carb diet regime does, however, include the necessary consumption of what is considered to be healthy fats.

These healthy fat sources do not need to come from red meat alone (if that source is to remain a concern). Alternative and organic sources of protein are still widely available. Instead of red meat, fat free and organically reared poultry sources are encouraged. Readers may be surprised and encouraged to learn that turkey is a healthy source of protein, minus the fat of course. Will someone please not pass the mayo?

A better source of protein may be from the sea’s harvests. Fish sources also contain that special ingredient known as omega three fatty acids, something essential that no other creature, not even the human body, can manufacture of its own accord. Those who wish to discard meat sources altogether can go the vegan route but still need to exercise caution and inventiveness to ensure that they get their recommended intake of protein.