What You Didn’t Know About Celiac Disease

celiac disease

You may have heard many people decide to change their diets to avoid gluten products. Some of these are doing this for health reasons. Others struggle with a variety of conditions that are made worse when gluten is consumed. One example in this category is celiac disease which is being diagnosed more so now than many years ago.

One reason for this is we now know more about the correlation between what we eat and overall health. Not every person is able to digest every food properly. This disease is considered an autoimmune disorder. Individuals with this disorder must be especially careful with the foods that they eat. There are various symptoms they experience particularly when eating foods that contain gluten.

Flatulence and Bloating

There are a few symptoms that are central to this disorder. Although flatulence and bloating are common to healthy people, it is connected to celiac suffers. An unusual amount of any symptom should be reported to your physician. Noting the types of symptoms that you’re experiencing will help in the diagnosis process.

Rashes on the Skin

Some people will experience rashes on their skin. These are red rashes that can include blisters. Consult with a healthcare provider if you experience this type of occurrence. It is important to note when the rash began and what you notice. Your physician will likely as for specific information about this and related symptoms.


Another symptom that is often experienced is diarrhea. This is caused because of a lack of absorption. The body is attempting to break down fats that it cannot digest properly. Excessive diarrhea can also result in dehydration. Some people will experience multiple symptoms prior to being diagnosed. Once you’ve been diagnosed with this disease, you will understand what options are available.

Being watchful of what you eat is only one part of this process. It is important to also know what ingredients are included in the products that you buy. The best way to approach wellness is to make certain dietary changes. Avoiding foods that contain gluten is especially helpful to preventing related symptoms.